Interesting Roof Design Websites!

Roofs come in different shapes and sizes. Below is a list of the main types of roofs.

Gable Roofs: the most common type of roof for residential construction.
Hip Roofs: four-sided roof style with ridges in all corners to a smaller central ridge
Roof: one roof of the aircraft, usually used for entrances, rooms and the main building.
Roofs: They are a type of mansard style and look like gables with two different roof slopes on each side.
Flat roofs: they are used in many commercial constructions, both large and small, and can have walls of parapets or endings of sidewalls, dumped in gutters.
Mansard roofs: almost vertical walls that are connected to another plane of the roof.
Modern roofs: these are the roofs that go out into the open space, similar to the roof of the canopy and enter the architectural design.

You can search the Internet for each type to check my definitions and view the figures. Each type has its application and is associated with each designer or architect.

These are the main descriptions that you should know, as they relate to the common building language. From experienced builders, novice homeowners, general contractors, internal inspectors, construction officials or anyone with interest.

There are also ways of mixing and matching each roof design to create a unique structural appeal. You can combine hips with pediments and use great pitch variations to emphasize the building. This is very interesting when you combine a flat roof with mansard walls. Something I did not mention is an octagonal roof or a witch hat for a displaced tower to carry a circular view for the spiral staircase to extend beyond two or three stories high.

Take a book about houses and buildings to see all these interesting types of roof and judge for yourself what peaks are your interests. The roof can be interesting or basic or a combination to curb appeal. I say jump straight into the read everything you can find on this topic.

Visit the roofing websites for various forms, and then you will see a variety of different roofing materials that will have different shapes and sizes. For me, one of the most interesting roof designs is the round shape of a golf ball with several planes, and it would be difficult to imagine exactly how you install the shingles to create a sealed seal.